Iconic leaders from movies

Being a leader isn’t easy. Someone is natural born leader, someone reveal leadership skills in his/hers hearth under specific situation and someone just wants to get on the top. There is so many leadership styles, from charismatic leader who inspires and motivates their teams, bureaucratic leaders that follow rules by no means and making their people to follow that style, to servant leaders with high integrity, friendly style, team morale boosters and leading teams regardless of their’s level. Some of criteria that makes leader are: empowering others, passion, overcoming obstacles, accomplishments, passion and much more. Don’t forget, the hardest person to lead is yourself.


From war zones, Olympic games, high school teams, wall street business, hospitals to galaxy fields,  true leaders inspired their teams to beat the odds and make the victory. If we take a look at big screen, it’s not hard to make a list of dozens of leaders. Here is my list:

WARNING: Spoilers

King Leonidas (300)

Whole movie is full of inspirational scenes and quotes. As a king, Leonidas has a powerful vision that Sparta will share no “Earth and Water”. He chooses 300 of his best soldiers to lead them into the battle. That shows his understanding of skills and abilities of each troop member. If you are skilled professional, it’s easy to lead by example. He risks his own life for the freedom of Sparta.His speech before battle will convince you why is this charismatic leader followed by his army




William Wallace (Brave Heart)

“There’s a difference between us. You think the people of this country exist to provide you with position. I think your position exists to provide those people with freedom. And I go to make sure that they have it.” William Wallace, BraveheartFreedom will never be thing of compromise, he said: “Every man dies. Not every man truly lives.”
Vision of better future, having plan for it and know how to encourage people to believe in themselves are perfect inspiration .

 If you are looking for a motivational speech, search no further:

Mufasa (Lion King)

I was a kid when this movie showed up. Can’t hide the tears at the scene when Mufasa died. Mufasa is dominant, honest and strong character, King of the land, father of Simba. His brother, Scar is lacking many skills of a leader, position he wanted.
This is story that shows us that leader is not based on position. Scar was blind for position and that led him even to lead his brother, Mufasa, to death. He got his position of the king, but his only followers was hyenas.

It’s important to have and show knowledge, but it’s more important that you show how much you care. Mufasa told his son, Simba, how important is to understand those who follows you:

Captain Miller (Saving Private Ryan)

Captain Miller shows us what courageous leadership is. He got a task to save private Ryan, with his team and he accepted it. Even though, no one was sure if Ryan is still alive.
He managed to lead the team and make them work as a unit, despite questions they had: “Why is one man worth risking eight. Why is the life of this private worth more than ours?”.

Controlling emotions is one huge thing that leader must have. Miller showed that skill, especially when he hide himself to cry out some of situations led by decisions he makes.

Optimus Prime (Transformers, all movies)

His voice, his tone, his words are just perfect examples of leadership if you ask me. Prime would risk everything for the greater good. It’s important to him what others say. He stands by his decisions even though everyone is against it.

He shows great communication skills, making sure that everyone clearly understands his plans. He will never ask his people to do what he wouldn’t do himself. Prime have ability to identify every strength and talents that his team member have and to make perfect synergybring the team together, keeping the team morale up.
Power of delegation comes from trust he have and knowing when it’s safe to trust. This is very hard for some leaders, to let your people finalize their tasks without your micromanagement.

All of his skills, make his team willing to follow him even to his own death if it’s necessary.

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