iPhone 7 price, release date, features and what to expect

September is here, autumn is knocking on our doors, school season is here and Apple is preparing big keynote. Last one means: new product announcements, new features and lots of news. I am excited to hear news regarding iPhone 7. People are talking about better camera, more power, longer battery life and probably more storage in entry models starting at 32GB. There are some rumors about new color range and absence of headphone jack. Let me share my expectations.

On 7th of September at 10am by Pacific time, we will know the results.


Despite claims of some analysts who guess that Apple is waiting 10 years anniversary next year to announce iPhone 7 and this one 6SE, I do believe that Apple 7 is obvious name for this year phone.

Releasing two phones seems to be good scenario, like they did with 6/6 plus and 6s/6s plus. Rumor has it that 7 pro would be a flagship as third device. I would stick to previous scenario, so my guess goes to iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Pro version seems like good idea and having in mind that iPad can be used for business more than a phone, I don’t see features that could make some sell out in case of iPhone 7 pro – it would be a big, expensive device that can affect iPad sales.

I am not analyst and this one seems to be easy task. Let’s move on.

Release date: 16 of September


I like the way how this website explains the price

Country Tentative price of iPhone 7 (16 GB/32 GB)
United States $800-$900
United Kingdom £500- £550
Australia A$ 1100-A$1200
Canada C$ 1050- C$1200


This is really hard to guess for me. Since iPhone 6/6s and plus versions looks simple, I would say that iPhone 7 will look identical to iPhone 6/6s with aluminium body and thinner bezel, with no 3.5mm jack and probably without lines at the back. Minor change would be, I guess, two cameras at the back and four flashes. Let’s see this part.


As mentioned, two cameras at the back is the first thing to expect. Some brands like Huawei already did it. Apple have good engineers and designers, along with good market research, so that’s why I expect wild set of features on this field. My guess is 12MP for each back cameras, with Sony sensor, 6p lens with true optical zoom. Instead of two LEDs as before, there will be 4 of them. Video recording… hm, I do think about 4K video with 60fps for both versions.

Objectives with 4.7 increase light sensitivity, which should provide excellent night shots, combined with second camera, pictures would be SLR-like. Optical image stabilization is the thing which I expect in both versions 7 and 7s.


Only thing that makes me curious here is wider ranger of colors. Apple increased range of colors to 16bit on iPad Pro 9.7 and my guess is that iPhone 7 will have same resolution as 6 and 6s with wider range of colors.

Size of displays should be the used as previous formula: 4.7″ for 7 and 5.5″ for 7s.


Martin Hayek / Twitter


Speed is affected by many things and first one is chip. New chip will be probably new A10, at 2.4GHz. This should be faster up to 33% compared to iPhone 6s.

When it comes to RAM, my guess goes to 2GB for 7 and 3GB for 7 plus.


This one should be simple: 32GB, 128GB and 256GB. Since 16GB is very small for taking 4K videos, 256GB memory chips are available with prices that goes down. Simply, that makes me think this way.


I would like to see blue color, but market demands seems to be simple. Let’s see if my vote counts for new colors: dark black (matt) and piano black (glossy). Beside these, I think Gold, Space Gray and Silver will be here for a while.

Sensors and features

Since I am expecting 3.5mm connector to be removed, which will grant more space for new senor – new force touch which will be faster, new laser proximity sensor placed on the front bottom with better precision. More space means probably and louder sound amplifier and maybe wave recognition for waking up device or gestures.


I’m thinning about handsets in the box – pair of Bluetooth buds. Also, lighting-to-3.5mm adapter is the thing that I’m expecting in the box.


Yes. I think they will make it waterproof with IPX7 certificate which guarantees leaving your phone 1m deep in the water for 30 min.

Let’s watch the event here: http://www.apple.com/apple-events/september-2016/

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and person close to source who likes to be anonymous


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